Serving the Hampshire Community and Lionism Since 1953

Hampshire, IL 60140

About Us

Hampshire Lions Club

P.O. Box 415

Hampshire, IL 60140


Lionism began in the United States in 1917 when a group of independent clubs responded to an ideal presented to them by a young Chicago insurance agent, Melvin Jones.  This ideal involved serving others in need without regard to politics, religion, or race.

This ideal resulted in the world’s largest service club with more than 1/4 million active members including men and women from 180 countries.  Our primary purpose is to work together to provide unselfish service to those in need.  Each and every Lion volunteer is dedicated to providing community service and helping those less fortunate than themselves.

You will find that Lion members are people who are serious about their commitment to humanitarian service, and they also have lots of fun along the way.

The Hampshire Lions have helped hundreds of members of our community since our inception in 1953.  We recently were granted 501(c)3 status.  We will continue to serve the hearing and sight impaired, the elderly and the needy in our community and all young people who need to know we care about their future.

If you are the type of person who loves your community, you are needed now more than ever.   Please contact a Lion you know of your interest in serving our community and join us at  a meeting of your choosing and see what we are all about.


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